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Rodi passed away - english version

#1 Beitrag von Fraro » Mi Okt 06, 2010 22:26

Hello to our friends abroad- especially Closey, Julie, Scooby and the others joining our "Treffen" regulary.

Please forgive me the late translation/explanation, but I was shocked about he news, too.

As it might be a bit exhausting to follow all the german postings, I herwith would like to tell you roughly what happened.

Glücki has been in close contact to Rodi (now known as "König") as they were planning a trip through France this summer. Not two weeks before the intended commencement of the tour on August 09th Rodi sent "regards out of hospital" in the forum. Especially Glücki was astounded. Later Rodi informed us that he has had a terrible tummyache, and that in general was all in all "not feeling well". One day additionally all his skin went yellow- so he went to the doctor. That day he was still optimistic to begin the tour together with his friend Glücki an the intended date.

All of us keeped the fingers crossed for him (and so did Joe).

Two days later Glücki cancelled the booked rooms, as obviously the planned tour had to be cancelled due to Rodis sickness. Both were planning now a downgraded trip to meet some of the G-guys at south Germany. Meantime Rodi passed many, many medical check-ups, but the doctors couldn't trace what's really wrong. In this state of the examinations they suspect that something is wrong with the bile and/or its drain. During the investigations a tumour was found at Rodis bile drainage, at this state it was the first time that the word "cancer" was used. Additionally Rodi had some bleedings in the stomach, which were rather dangerous as he was a "Marcumar"-patient, which is a medicine to keep the blood liquid.

But at that time he was quite optimistic to leave the hospital within two or three weeks to wait at home for another surgery which should proof whether the found tumours are maligne or not.

On August 13th + 14th, while we had the Heidbergring-training, Glücki was informed (and gave this info to us, his friends, too) by phone, that it's definitely cancer what the doctors found in Rodis body. He was bound for another surgery on 18th (next Thursday). Rodi was very freightened at this date (of course...).

On August 16th (Monday) Rodi was surprisingly realeased from the hospital until September 07th. That time he was told to come back for the surgery. From August 20th to 22nd he went for a weekendtrip with a new-bought caravan with Pitti (Petra), his wife. All in all he was in a very good mood and his courage and humour came back.

On 27th he was back at the hospital to discuss the intended surgery on September 08th. The doctor opened him, that he has a (new) thrombosis in his left leg. Rodi had several of this during the last years. Further he was informed that during the surgery the doctors intended to remove parts of the pancreas, the duodenum, the stomach, the bile and the bile drainage. It was a 5% risk for him to not survive the surgery, and a fifty-fifty risk of major complications. Additionally after the surgical operation Rody would be a diabetic.

At this time he shared his thoughts with us at the forum, they were with his wife and what she had to experience.

On 31st he bought a new car, planning further trips with Pitti in the caravan. Brave guy!

On September 04th he sold his G - knowing that after the surgery he will never be able to ride a motorcycle again. A hard day. Further he sold all the spare parts etc which he collected over the years, saying that he doesn't have a good feeling about the further developement and his future. So he anulled his stock. Some guys from the forum collected some money to buy the stuff off and assisted him in vacating and cleaning of his garage.

That's the last news we heard officially from him- until we came to know that our dear friend passed away by the reason of a lung embolism on late Monday evening, October 04th.

I really hope this lttle summarize makes it easier for you to follow the things happened.
Please excuse the bad english, I had to look up for all the medical vocabulary, but I hope it's understandable.

May he rest in peace. :'(
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Re: Rodi passed away - english version

#2 Beitrag von Glücki » Mi Okt 06, 2010 23:11

Danke Frank für die Übersetzung.
Jeder Mensch bereitet uns auf eine gewisse Art Vergnügen. Der Eine,
wenn er ein Zimmer betritt, der Andere, wenn er es wieder verläßt!

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Re: Rodi passed away - english version

#3 Beitrag von closey » Do Okt 07, 2010 11:12

Thank you Frank, our thoughts and prayers are with Pitti, Rodi and the Familie.

I would also like to pass on Condolences and Sympathies from Kenny & Mary.

Joe & Julie.


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